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This week’s articles include simple ways to achieve an ideal opportunity, advice on how to successfully pass through the “start-up” phase of a strategy, and how to become a unique leader in a crowded environment.  Also be sure to check out the newest go-to book for venture capitalists—you can’t afford to miss it.

7 Habits That Make Great Opportunities Happen – Liz Strauss, OPEN Forum

Forget about luck.  These seven habits are what you really need to get your perfect opportunity.

Implement a Bidirectional Lead Generation Strategy – Michael Halper,

How to improve the probability of producing quality leads, over and over again.

8 Ways to Beat the VC Competition – Brad Feld, MyVenturePad

A creative methodology to avoid being a “me too” in the ever-increasing world of competition.

One Book Every Entrepreneur and VC Should Own – Mark Suster, TechCrunch

The most comprehensive VC book on the market:  a must read for any professional dealing with start-ups.

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