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This week’s articles focus on a hazardous time for any company: the first five years.  Half of all startups fail in this period.  What common money mistakes could you be making, and what unorthodox advice could set you on the road to success?  Finally, a profile of a young startup that faces some real competitive challenges.

The 7 Most Common Money Mistakes That Entrepreneurs Make—Mike Michalowicz, OPEN Forum

How to steer clear of the most common financial mistakes when establishing a new business.

Small Business Money: Entrepreneur's Guide—Small Business Trends

Avoid costly financial pitfalls with these helpful tips.

Start-ups Should Eliminate Job Titles—Jeff Bussgang, Fortune

Advice on how to keep your start-up fluid during the dynamic first years.

Yowie- Will This Start-Up Survive?—Jessica Bruder, The New York Times

A young California, web-based start-up: will it survive in its competitive niche market?

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