Founders Flash

This week’s features include advice on how to reel in new clients, typical missteps to be wary of as you launch your new business, and how to  build foundations for a future franchise operation.  They also include some mental  pitfalls that can work against your company’s ultimate success. How To Get New Customers: An OPEN Forum Guide – Tara Fuller, OPEN Forum Ideas on how to snag new customers without stretching your wallet too thin. Small Business Advice: 3 Business Start-Up Blunders to Avoid – The Small Business Advisor Common mistakes to steer clear of when establishing a new business. How to Position Your New Business for Future Franchise Success – Sara Wilson, AllBusiness From the ground up: tips on preparing your concept for franchise expansion. Five 'Thinking Traps' Entrepreneurs Should Avoid – Karen E. Klein, Bloomberg Businessweek How to focus the way you think in order to make the best decisions for your start-up. This post was authored by Founders Workbench.

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