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This week’s stories include business lessons to be learned from Oprah’s success, a 10-step startup road map, and a proposed strategy to better enable you to get some C-Suite face time. They also include part two (of three) small business lessons to be learned.

7 Tips Your Business Can Learn From Oprah – Eric Markowitz, Inc.

From verticals to fans: what Oprah’s international success story can teach you.

 10 Steps From Idea to Business - David Ronick, @upstartbootcamp

A “cheat sheet” to help you transform your vision into a reality.

How to Get Face Time With Sales Prospects – Mike Michalowicz, The Wall Street Journal

Struggling to get in front of key decision makers?  Here’s one strategy that could help you break through.

27 Real-Life Small Business Mistakes And What They Learned (Part II) - Annie Mueller, OPEN Forum

Nine additional business mistakes, followed by nine additional lessons learned (stay tuned for the last nine).

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