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This week’s stories include a DealBook interview on where startups compete for attention, strategies to form your dream team board, and part one (of three) small business lessons to be learned. They also feature five tips for how to best approach your closest relationships for funding.

Start-Ups Vie for Attention at the Venture Capital TableMac William Bishop, The New York Times

From TechCrunch’s Disrupt Conference in Manhattan: executive plans for raising capital.

9 ways to attract world-class board members – Unity Stoakes, Co-Founder and President of

How to build a world-class board from the get-go.

27 Real-Life Small Business Mistakes And What They Learned (Part I) – Annie Mueller, OPEN Forum

Nine business mistakes, followed by nine lessons learned (stay tuned for the other 18).

Five Tips for Asking Friends and Family for FundingEileen P. Gunn, Entrepreneur

Strategies to secure seed money without burning any bridges.

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