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This week’s articles discuss why success doesn’t always fulfill entrepreneurs, include a list of common pitfalls that growing businesses encounter, explore the power that entrepreneurs have to combat poverty, and profile an entrepreneurial doctor’s success in taking the sting out of shots.

Entrepreneur Success is Not Enough for Fulfillment – Martin Zwilling, Business Insider

A veteran founder discusses why success doesn’t always mean fulfillment for many entrepreneurs.

4 Dysfunctions That Will Eat Away at a Growing Business – Karl Stark and Bill Stewart, Inc.

A list of four common pitfalls that many businesses encounter as they grow.

Entrepreneurs: The Best Hope for the World's Poorest People – Rhett Morris, The Huffington Post

Many entrepreneurs have shown to be a powerful force in combating poverty by creating jobs, influencing others to encourage innovation, and develop emerging markets.

Entrepreneurial Doctor Takes the Sting Out of Shots – Gwen Moran, Entrepreneur

An entrepreneurial doctor steps out of her comfort zone to develop a product to help ease the discomfort and nerves of taking shots.             

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