Founders Flash

Most every startup hits a point somewhere in its lifecycle where new money is needed. This week’s stories provide looks at a range of funding strategies from bootstrapping to raising venture capital.

Irrational Design, a San Francisco Start-Up, Tries to Fly Solo – Adriana Gardella, New York Times

Inside look at bootstrapping strategy of two entrepreneurs.

How to Get Money to Make Money – Brad Sugars, Entrepreneur

Four funding ideas to help get your startup off the ground.

When, Where, and How to Raise Venture Capital – Dave Lavinsky, Huffington Post

Three core steps followed by entrepreneurs successful in raising venture capital.

Raising Seed Capital Now: 10 Tips – Monica Mehta, Bloomberg BusinessWeek

To get a jumpstart in fundraising, check out these tips on raising capital.

MIT Energy Conference – March 4 – 5, Boston, Mass.

Learn the latest on new technologies, funding mechanisms and energy system transformations.

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