Founders Flash

This week’s stories provide insights on a range of topics – including how to name your startup, leverage market trends, think through business decisions and be more nimble. All are worth a read.

9 mutable suggestions of startup naming - Dharmesh Shah, VentureBeat

It can be hard to find a unique and effective name for a startup. Here are some tips to help you pick the right moniker.

Four Trends Startups Need to Know Now – Brad Sugars, Entrepreneur

Mine current trends to help ensure a strong launch and thriving future for your startup.

Great Entrepreneurs Master Reflective Thinking – Martin Zwilling, Startup Professionals Musings

While technology and the Internet allow entrepreneurs to multitask and act quickly, taking time to think is more important than ever before.

Why Small Companies Have an Advantage Over the Big Guys – Ann Handley, Open Forum

Small size can help your startup battle big companies and win – it's all about being quick and nimble in serving micro markets.

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