Founders Flash: Apple, Apple, Apple…and some legal help for startups

The Flash took note as Apple grabbed an array of headlines this week, spanning several of the electronics giant’s expanding portfolios. Perhaps most notable was the report that Apple wants in on the electric car market and is ramping up hiring on Project Titan – the internal project tasked with shipping Apple’s first model by 2019. Not a bad week’s work– but the Cupertino-based dynamo didn’t stop there, embracing technology that blocks ads on Apple’s mobile devices and potentially spawning a cottage industry of companies developing ad-blocking software. And that’s before we even delve into what Apple’s new iPhones and iOS can do…

The Flash also notes approvingly a newly launched partnership between MIT and the Boston University School of Law that will help student entrepreneurs meet the various legal and other challenges of starting a company. We approve!

These insights and more in this week’s Founders Flash!

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