Founders Flash: Cybersecurity Startups Drawing Increased VC Attention

The Flash knows the importance of protecting important business and personal data from the ever-expanding reach of hackers – and now the market is paying attention, too. Andreessen Horowitz now sees cybersecurity startups as a lucrative tech niche, and Google Capital recently made its first cybersecurity investment. With data breaches taking place on a seemingly daily basis, VCs and other investors are starting to boost funding for all manners of cybersecurity startups.

The Flash also checks in on the Uber/”gig economy” labor fight. The most recent entrant to the ring this week hails from Washington, DC, and has the federal heft to make this a real heavyweight match. On July 15, the U.S. Department of Labor issued an "Administrator’s Interpretation" on the classification of independent contractors. More is sure to come in this slugfest…

Check out these and more in The Flash this week!

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