Founders Flash: Four Entrepreneurs Who Famously Shifted Careers Later In Life

We are here to remind you that it’s never too late to become an entrepreneur, and entrepreneurship is not just a millennial game. In fact, Americans who are 35 or older are 50% more likely to start a business than their younger counterparts,” according to a study by the Kauffman Foundation. Mid-career entrepreneurs are said to be more successful than younger founders which is why starting a business mid-career could be to your advantage.

In this issue of the Flash, we outline four game-changers who have famously shifted careers later in life

  1. Vera Wang was an editor at Vogue for 17 years before she became a famous fashion designer at the age of 40.
  2. Jeff Bezos had a successful career in computer science on Wall Street and took on top roles at numerous financial firms before launching Amazon at the age of 31.
  3. Ray Kroc spent his career as a milkshake-device salesman before buying McDonald's at the age of 52.
  4. Bernard Marcus was fired from hardware store Handy Dan at the age of 48 along with his coworker Arthur Blank. The duo later started a rival retailer, Home Depot.

Also, in this week’s Flash:

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