Founders Flash: The Funding Problem No One Talks Enough About -- and What You Can Do

Kairos, an organization of business and political leaders, puts out the call to entrepreneurs to go after the problems affecting the masses. Founder of Kairos, Ankur Jain explains how the group's conversations have led him to conclude that not enough entrepreneurs are solving problems for middle-class people who are struggling in a variety of areas. Kairos is announcing a new $25 million fund to help build and fund companies that address problems that affect people in five life-stage groups: graduates with loans; the entry-level workforce managing high-rent costs in cities; parents raising children despite high costs of living and childcare; people who have lost their jobs because their skills are outdated; and people managing living and care costs post-retirement.

Learn more about how Kairos is helping the middle class in this issue of Founders Flash.

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