Founders Flash: How Can Entrepreneurs Leverage Blockchain

Staying current in the blockchain and digital currency revolution can be as complicated as it is competitive, especially if you are a startup. In the past year alone, investment in these companies, estimated to be billions of dollars, has increased more than 340 percent.

Blockchain technology is enabling a whole new wave of entrepreneurs to think differently, build more quickly, more efficiently, and much bigger than ever before. The immense opportunity in blockchain is unique to our time, and new entrepreneurs have immediately made sense of just how valuable digital currency is.

Formally established in 2015, Goodwin’s Digital Currency + Blockchain Technology Practice has remained at the forefront of this wave of innovation, helping startups capitalize on this pivotal merger of technology and finance. Goodwin’s Digital Currency + Blockchain Perspectives, launched in March 2015 (when Bitcoin was going for less than the price of a four-star dinner), was one of the first legal blogs to focus on the digital currency movement.

In this issue of the flash, we discuss the importance of capitalizing on disruptive new technologies like blockchain, and why it demands experienced guidance.

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