Founders Flash: Interesting Conversations with Startups, About Startups

In last week’s Founders Flash, we discussed accelerators and the benefits it can give early-stage startups. This week, HubSpot, an inbound marketing and sales platform, launched HubSpot for Startups for seed-stage startups in an incubator, accelerator, or VC program.

The scholarship-type program will give startups access to affordable marketing and sales software, startup education, and a community of founders. Whether you qualify for the program  or not, HubSpot for Startups also launched The Startup Scoop, where entrepreneurs speak to other entrepreneurs about startup trends and more.

In its first episode, Matt Benati, co-founder and CEO of LeadGnome, talks to HubSpot for Startups about creating a SaaS business. Matt introduces how he developed and found product market fit, how he executes customer acquisition (growth) by doing sales and marketing and finishes with advice to other startup founders.

Learn more about The Startup Scoop, and more in this edition of Founders Flash.

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