Founders Flash: The New Wave of Networking

At almost every point of your career, networking is a crucial step to growing your entrepreneurial connections. Yet, networking events are almost universally dreaded.

We’ve all experienced one of those unpleasant networking events; they’re full of awkward introductions, forced interactions, and people just looking at their phones and counting down the minutes until it's acceptable to leave.

But networking is evolving. Smaller events with tighter groups of people are demonstrating the new wave of connecting with your fellow professionals. For example, entrepreneurial boot camps and team bonding trips are emerging as popular methods to achieve networking goals.

So before you plan or attend your next networking event, ask yourself what you want to get out of it and how it can get you closer to achieving your goals. Don’t forget – not all networking opportunities need to be local. You should consider newer, more effective alternatives to networking that can take you and your business to unprecedented territories.

Learn more about the new wave of networking, and more in this edition of Founders Flash.

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