Founders Flash: Overdoing the “Party Rounds” Leaves a Lead Investor Gap

The Flash understands that entrepreneurs thrill on having multiple angel investors when fundraising. But too much of such “party rounds” can be a bad thing, as no one investor serves as lead and leaves startups wanting focused help if the company hits a rough patch. The Flash looks at compelling research suggesting that having many angels with no lead investor can be problematic for startups.

The Flash also remains fixated on Uber’s fight with the California labor commission, which seemingly sent a torpedo through the ride-share company’s hull recently when it determined that drivers are in fact employees – not contractors. The Flash has been expecting a forceful response by Uber, and this week we saw the first salvo when the company filed a motion seeking to deny class action status to plaintiffs in a major lawsuit relying on this determination. As we predicted, this one will go on for a while…

These and more in this week’s edition of The Flash!

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