Founders Flash: Is Procrastination Always Bad?

For as long as CPA Joe Sterf could remember, he’d felt guilty about procrastinating one thing or another. But he recently learned something important – not only is procrastination normal, knowing how and when to procrastinate can actually make you more productive. In a recent Fast Company article, Joe shared what he learned by embracing procrastination.

After years of facing procrastination situations, Joe realized two things: he’ll always be procrastinating on something, but, it isn’t really that bad.

When you procrastinate, he observed, you’re typically still doing something (rather than just being lazy); it’s just that you’re avoiding doing something else that you perceive to be more important. You may not have time for the new book you picked up, but it’s because you’ve been busy writing blog posts.

Follow “structured procrastination” to avoid the pitfalls of spending hours on social media or binging watch TV. Joe was able to successfully flip his to-do list around, learning that procrastination can be a productivity tool over the long haul.

Learn about structured procrastination, and more in this edition of Founders Flash.

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