Founders Flash: The Secret to Employee Retention? The ‘Stay’ Interview

The ‘exit interview’ is an ingrained piece of every human resource department – even with companies or startups who are too small to even have a dedicated HR employee. But companies who are in desperate need of employee retention help have discovered the secret – swap the ‘exit interview: for the ‘stay interview’.

The practice allows current employees to share feedback that is often left unsaid until an employee’s final day on the job. Stay interviews are based on honest two-way conversations between manager and employee, where each side gets to listen, ask questions, and agree to follow up on ideas and action plans.

Inc., a news website that shares small business ideas and resources for entrepreneurs, suggestions five specific questions for anyone test-driving the ‘stay interview’ method, including "Could you describe a good day of work you had recently?"

Learn the five important questions for ‘stay interviews’, and more in this edition of Founders Flash.

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