Founders Flash: Silicon Valley named leading ecosystem for tech startups but other cities are close on its heels

The Flash certainly took interest when benchmarking firm Compass, last week, released its global ranking report on startup ecosystems. The ranking of global regions is based on how well areas nurture top tech talent, host profitable businesses and expand into foreign markets. Silicon Valley continues to be the leading region for tech startups, but other cities are quickly climbing the ranks. New York City jumped three spots to take second place and Tel Aviv, also jumping three spots, moved into the top five. The Flash is interested to see if other regions will be able to give Silicon Valley a run for its money in the near future.

The Flash also checks in with Buffer, the social media management company that is on a quest to create a self-managed workplace culture. A $7 million startup with zero managers? Talk about transparency…

These and more in this week’s edition of The Flash!

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