Founders Flash: Should Startups Take a Stand on Divisive Topics?

In the current volatile political atmosphere, it can be difficult to separate your business role from your personal beliefs. Large companies, including Apple and Starbucks, have stepped into the spotlight to speak up on social issues, including immigration, climate change and health care.

But for small or new companies, the risk can be much higher when you intersect business and politics; it could create a make-or-break situation that new entrepreneurs aren’t equipped to handle. 

On the other hand, speaking out on a meaningful issue may be well worth the risk, paying off by connecting the company more deeply to its customers and strengthening its reputation in the communities it serves.

If you’re thinking taking a stand on a hot-button issue, there are steps you should take first, including considering your goal and acknowledging the risk.

Learn more about assessing the risk of your small company speaking out, and more in this edition of Founders Flash.

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