Founders Flash: Student Entrepreneurs Share Advice

Student entrepreneurs do not have it easy; launching your first venture while balancing a full-time college course load is like working a dozen full-time jobs.

In Washington D.C., the city boasts a wide range of student-led ventures, including an app that lets you book time at on-campus fitness centers and a system that gives you personalized credit card advice.

As students prepare for a new year ahead, AmericanInno reached out to a handful of entrepreneurs who got their start on campus to see what resources they loved and what advice they wish they had going into their startups.

Here are a few things D.C. student entrepreneurs had to say:

  • “The American University Incubator was a tremendous resource with mentorship, guidance and co-working space with fellow entrepreneurs.”
  • “Reaching out to other entrepreneurs, finding mentors, making use of university incubator programs, going to events and networking, testing your idea and making sure you hone in on your market all are crucial.”
  • “The Georgetown Entrepreneurship Initiative has supported us since this was just an idea with grants from pitch competitions, mentorship, free interns and access to MBA students.”
  • “Protect your physical and mental health. Sleep more than you think you need to. Coffee is not a food group.”

Learn what D.C. student entrepreneurs have to say, and more in this edition of Founders Flash.

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