Founders Flash: The Top Five Aspects Entrepreneurs Should Concentrate On

It’s 2019, and startups are emerging from every corner of the country. But, as you know, being an entrepreneur is much more than just having a game-changing idea. It requires a methodical strategy paired with an intense focus before bringing your idea to fruition.

In this issue of the Flash, we outline five aspects entrepreneurs should concentrate on before or while executing their startup idea.

The Pitch: How you pitch your idea to the investors or people who are going to invest in your startup is one of the most essential aspects that a startupreneur should never neglect.

Growth: Funding or raising capital is that part of the business without which startups cannot survive. 

Team: Having a dream team, consisting of like-minded people who share the vision of the founder is a win-win for startup entrepreneurs. 

Mentors: Mentors, accelerators and incubators provide a space for startups to make mistakes, learn and most primarily, to grow.

Public Relations: A startup cannot work in isolation. It cannot go on to do great things and accomplish great success without the world knowing. The PR machinery works like a bridge between the startup and the audience and even the investors.

Also, in this week's Flash: 

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