Founders Flash

This week’s articles include the best start-up blog posts from last year, share the unexpected tech flops of 2012, consider the merits and demerits of an investment deal offered to one small business owner, and discuss why stealth could be bad news for your start-up.

Managing Start-ups: Best Posts of 2012 – Tom Eisenmann, Platforms and Networks

A Harvard Business School professor compiles a list of his favorite posts about managing start-ups.

The Top 10 Tech ‘Fails’ of 2012 – Doug Gross, CNN

A list of surprising tech flops from 2012 and what they mean to the industry’s future.

Help for a Start-up, But At A High Price – John Grossman, The New York Times

One entrepreneur is offered a deal that will help grow her business, but greatly reduce her role in the company’s future.

Why Stealth Mode Will Kill Your Start-up – Adrian Cook, Tech Vibes

Entrepreneurs often worry about protecting their ideas, but stealth is bad for business.

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