VIDEO: Founders University: Using Document Driver to Launch A Startup

Welcome back to Founders University, our core curriculum designed to provide startup company founders with the basics they’ll need to launch their company while minimizing costly missteps or mistakes.

For our third session of Founders University, we share an overview of creating governance and formation documents with Document Driver, by partner Dave Cappillo. In this course, Dave points to the Founders Workbench Document Driver tool as a key resource for answering startup-related questions and producing key governance and formation documents.

Ready, Set, Learn!


Creating Governance and Formation Documents with Document Driver

One of the key resources available on Founders Workbench is Document Driver, which enables startups and early stage companies to answer a set of questions and result in the production of all the key governance and formation documents that a startup company needs.

We may be biased, but members of the Founders Workbench view this free online resource as an excellent tool, both for our attorneys and for our startup clients.

There are also key informational resources on Founders Workbench, including tax consideration for startups, important regulatory matters, and various checklists. Founders Workbench provides links to our other resources, including incubators, accelerators, and tax and accounting references or resources.

You will also find a highly educational and entertaining Founders Workbench blog, so be sure to check that out during your visit to the site!

Don’t forget to check out past sessions of Founders University, which highlight the basic differences between a C corporation and an S corporation and provide an overview of corporate governance.

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