Founders Workbench Named Best Legal Mobile Application and Website by Web Marketing Association

Founders Workbench knows that entrepreneurs are constantly on the move. That’s why we made sure mobile was central to the development of our entire web platform. By ensuring a dynamic mobile offering, we can better provide the tools founders need to navigate the various legal and organizational challenges faced when it comes to launching a startup.

Given this emphasis on mobile, we’re truly excited to share that the Web Marketing Association has honored FWB with two awards – Best Legal Mobile Application and Best Legal Mobile Website – in the 2015 MobileWebAwards competition.

FWB is proud to help startups and emerging companies with easy-to-access, online business tools. FWB’s recognition for Best Legal Mobile Application flowed from the success of the Capital Calculator, our web/mobile application that allows entrepreneurs to instantly calculate dilution and liquidity under different financing and exit scenarios. Recognition for Best Legal Mobile Website included Capital Calculator, Deal Dictionary – which introduces founders to the often technical legal and financial terms used by venture capitalists and angel investors – as well as Document Driver, our comprehensive and free online legal document generation solution for establishing your startup as a Delaware corporation or Limited Liability companies (LLCs).

We’re thrilled to receive this recognition and we will continue to strive to be the best and most trusted online resource for entrepreneurs.

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