Founders Workbench Team Shares Start-up Thoughts with the Comcast Business Community

One highlight of the Founders Workbench experience is the chance to engage directly with entrepreneurs and other members of the small business community. The positive feedback we get from our blog posts and other content often includes invitations to share particular thoughts about the start-up and innovation technology marketplace. Even if we can’t always say yes, we welcome these exciting opportunities for fresh dialogue and problem-solving.

Recently, Comcast Corporation invited us to be a regular contributor to their new online forum, the Comcast Business Community. Designed to help small businesses, entrepreneurs, and start-ups use technology to achieve business success, the Comcast Business Community offers us a new platform to talk about the legal and other issues our clients face when starting new business ventures.

So far, Founders Workbench leaders have contributed several articles to the Comcast Business Community site, including Bob Bishop’s The Top 6 Things You Should Know About LLCs, and Joel Lehrer’s In the Cloud or On-premise: Know Your SaaS Licenses. For new business people interested in founding companies, Laurie Burlingame shared Founder Agreements – Key Issues for Discussion with Comcast Business Community readers.

Check out these new blog posts – and add the Comcast Business Community to your blog roll. It’s worth the read!

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