FWB Leads, Others Follow Suit, ABA Journal Article Notes

When we launched Founders Workbench in 2010, it introduced the startup community to a totally new business tool: the first-of-its-kind free online legal advisory resource. We designed FWB with the specific goal of helping entrepreneurs navigate the legal and organizational challenges faced by start-up companies and emerging businesses, providing services that include self-service tools for establishing a Limited Liability Corporation and other startup business requirements.

For us, FWB has been a great way to build relationships and help foster innovation and job creation through the startup economy. Since launching, other organizations have followed suit in offering online legal services to entrepreneurs. And the media continues to pay attention!

Recently, the April 2015 edition of the ABA Journal featured FWB and similar services offered by other top law firms in an article examining the emergence of free, automated document-generation sites. Goodwin Procter partner and FWB principal Dave Cappillo was singled out for his work at FWB, including the site’s success in strengthening and enhancing existing client relationships.

“You don’t have to be a client of the firm to use the site,” Dave says in the article, “but as a result of the widespread adoption of the site, we have scores of startups out there that have found us through it and become clients.”

We’re gratified that our groundbreaking work at FWB is having such a positive effect!

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