Goodwin Attends Founders of the Future Forum in London

On June 13, Goodwin associates Nate Hagler, Rhianna Dowdeswell and Michael Miranda attended the annual Founders of the Future Forum in London. The firm also sponsored the one-day conference.

Launched in March 2016, Founders of the Future finds, nurtures and guides young talent (15 to 35 years’ old) and accelerates their entrepreneurship careers and help them to launch tech businesses.

Founder of former startups Moon Express and Viome, Naveen Jain opened the discussion by inspiring entrepreneurs to use the ‘Moonshot’ mindset – whereby one aims to think exponentially, and builds solutions that can positively impact the lives of millions of people. The Goodwin associates participated in a group workshop where each team brainstormed, proposed and pitched their own five-year ‘Moonshot’ plan.

Participants’ proposals covered an incredible range, from restructuring urban layouts to eradicate homelessness, to providing synthetic meat to solve food shortage problems, to completely overhauling the world’s education systems using virtual and augmented reality technology. 

During break-out sessions, Goodwin held on-the-spot clinics where guests could request advice on legal issues they are experiencing in the context of their own startups, or for advice on what to think about when getting started. The team met with a broad range of young entrepreneurs, including those who already had established businesses to doctorate students with an passion for innovation looking to meet potential co-founders.

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