Goodwin Procter Attorney Tells The Deal How Troubled VC-backed Companies Can Avoid Bankruptcy Court

Any seasoned entrepreneur will tell you that failure is part and parcel of the startup experience. Indeed, many high-profile founders – those with a number of successful exits to their credit – view failure as a necessary element of the entrepreneurial profile. Which naturally begs the question: What do venture capital-backed companies do when trouble hits? Who do they turn to when insolvency looms?

Fortunately, these and other related questions were answered comprehensively when Goodwin Procter attorney Michael Pappone sat down for an interview with Andrew Hedlund of The Deal. Andrew asked Michael about his specialty in restructuring and winding down troubled venture capital-backed companies without visiting a bankruptcy court. With more than 40 years’ experience in commercial insolvency and reorganization law, Michael had some compelling insights to share with readers of The Deal about his approach to returning companies to the straight and narrow. He also provided illustrative examples from recent cases.

To check out Michael’s interview and hear his insights about helping VC-backed companies avoid bankruptcy court, read the full article here.

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