Goodwin Procter’s “Founders Toolbox®” Blog for Emerging Companies

Much of today’s discussion on issues affecting start-ups is happening via RSS feed, on Twitter and through blogging.  We’ve launched Founders Toolbox® to add to the discussion by creating a forum for analysis of legal and industry topics relevant to start-ups.

The posts on Founders Toolbox® are written by lawyers who work with start-ups through all stages – from newly formed businesses to seasoned public companies – as well as with venture capitalists.  Our tech lawyers are passionate about bringing together entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, and helping founders turn ideas into successful companies.

Our goal is to help entrepreneurs understand the challenges facing their companies, as well as identifying market trends that may affect potential financing.  We’ll also be blogging about deals of interest and interviewing founders about lessons learned on the way to success.  In addition, we’ll include insight from lawyers in our IP, Employment and Tax groups to help founders understand the essential elements of a successful start-up.

A few months back, Matt Mireles, the founder behind SpeakerText, a service that turns video into text, added a post to his blog for entrepreneurs, The Metamorphosis, entitled Dear Start-Up Lawyers, Please Blog.  Well Matt, here we are.

We’d like to hear from you.  Please let us know about topics you would like covered, as well as any comments or questions you have at

This post was authored by Nithya Das.

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