Founders Flash: An Introduction To Benefit Corporations

Benefit corporations are relatively recent additions to the list of organizational forms available to founders. Their appearance can be traced to the growing popularity of the sustainable business movement, socially responsible investing, and the appeal for more corporate accountability.

In this issue of Founders Flash, Goodwin partner Luciana Aquino-Hagedorn and associate Dennis O’Reilly introduce features of benefit corporations and what sets them apart from traditional business corporations via their latest article in Bloomberg’s Corporate Law and Accountability Report. The piece also highlights:

  • How Benefit Corporation Statutes are Tied to Corporate Law
  • The Three Pillars of Benefit Corporation Statutes
  • Incorporation and Amendment of Organizational Documents
  • Why Benefit Corporations Are Not the Same as Certified B Corporations
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Benefit Corporations

Read Bloomberg’s full Corporate Law & Accountability Report here.

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