Learn How to Do More Faster – Lessons From TechStars

Learn How to Do More Faster – Lessons From TechStars

Brad Feld and David Cohen have been criss-crossing the country on their Do More Faster book tour.  I had a chance to meet Brad and get a copy of his book when they stopped in New York.  Do More Faster is a collection of lessons learned from TechStars companies and a how-to guide of sorts for accelerating your startup.  It’s an easy read of practical advice for any entrepreneur with tips from successful founders and venture capitalists.

The book is broken into seven themes: Idea and Vision, People, Execution, Product, Fundraising, Legal and Structure, and Work and Life Balance.  Of course, I opened my copy and turned straight to “Legal and Structure” to see what lessons the TechStars companies shared.  Here’s a sneak preview:

    • Form the Company Early
    • Choose the Right Company Structure
    • Default to Delaware
    • Lawyers Don’t Have to Be Expensive
    • Vesting Is Good for You
    • Your Brother-in-Law Is Probably Not the Right Corporate Lawyer
    • To 83(b) or Not 83(b), There Is No Question 

All sound and practical advice for an entrepreneur written without any of the legalese.  Also, TechStars, a mentor-led seed stage investment program, is coming to New York.

This post on Start-up Issues was authored by Nithya Das.




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