Live from The Capital Network’s On Air Google Hangout: Bob Bishop on the Biggest Mistakes Founders Make

In the most recent “On Air” Google Hangout from The Capital Network, Goodwin Procter partner and Founders Workbench contributor Bob Bishop discussed the top eight mistakes that founders make.

In video of the Hangout below, Bob discusses eight categories of mistakes, details what causes them, and gives advice on how to avoid them.

The eight categories are:

  1. Failing to pay attention to corporate formalities
  2. Complicating the formation process
  3. Refusing to subject founders’ stock to vesting
  4. Dwelling on valuation
  5. Failing to raise enough money (for fear of dilution or otherwise)
  6. Spending money too quickly
  7. Failing to pick advisors who add value to your business
  8. Failing to adequately protect your intellectual property assets 

For more information, see Bob’s presentation on slideshare. 

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