Mastering the VC Game with Jeffrey Bussgang

Goodwin’s Tech Group holds monthly meetings to discuss industry and legal trends, which are often hosted by external industry experts.  This month the Group welcomed Jeffrey Bussgang, author of the Seeing Both Sides blog, and the book, Mastering the VC Game

Bussgang is a veteran entrepreneur, Entrepreneur in Residence at Harvard Business School and general partner with Flybridge Capital Partners.  As a former entrepreneur turned venture capitalist, he is uniquely positioned to share his insights regarding the VC industry with founders.

During the meeting, Bussgang highlighted the incredible leverage generated by venture capital.  By way of example, there are only approximately 1,000 active venture capitalists nationally, and yet VC-backed businesses combined sales represent 20% of total business revenue in the United States and employ 12% of the national workforce.   Another discussion point was the great passion and tenacity required of entrepreneurs to build a successful business especially given that in every financial transaction there are two types of actors: wolves and sheep.

This post on Venture Capital was authored by Ryan Sansom.


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