TechAmerica Publishes Annual Report on U.S. High-Tech Industry

TechAmerica Foundation recently published its annual report on the high-tech industry in the United States.  The report, “Cybercities 2010: The Definitive Analysis of the High-Tech Industry in the Nation’s Top 60 Cities,” tracks trends in high-tech employment, salaries, establishments, concentration of employment and wage differential in 60 metropolitan areas.

The top cities for high-tech employment, according to the report, are:

1.      New York, with 317,000 high-tech workers in 2009

2.      Washington, DC, with 293,000 high-tech workers in 2009

3.      San Jose/Silicon Valley, with 225,600 high-tech workers in 2009

4.      Boston, with 219,800 high-tech workers in 2009

Selected national rankings for these metropolitan areas are as follows:

New York’s National Industry Sector Rankings:

  • 1st in telecommunications services employment with 61,800 jobs
  • 1st in R&D and testing labs employment with 50,400 jobs
  • 1st in Internet services employment with 24,300 jobs

Washington, DC’s National Industry Sector Rankings:

  • 1st in computer systems design and related services with 150,900 jobs
  • 2nd in engineering services with 41,800 jobs
  • 3rd in R&D and testing labs with 34,000 jobs

San Jose/Silicon Valley’s National Industry Sector Rankings:

  • 1st in computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing with 37,600 jobs
  • 1st in semiconductor manufacturing with 33,500 jobs
  • 2nd in Internet services with 19,700 jobs

Boston’s National Industry Sector Rankings:

  • 1st in electronic components manufacturing with 15,700 jobs
  • 1st in measuring and control instruments manufacturing with 12,700 jobs
  • 1st in photonics manufacturing with 2,500 jobs

This post was authored by Jonathan Shapira.

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