Tropical Angels Launches Startup Rio!

This month, Tropical Angels, a combined accelerator and VC fund based in Rio de Janeiro, announced the launch of Startup Rio!,  a four-month-long start-up company accelerator program focused on technology innovation in four areas: IT/digital, life sciences, greentech and social innovation.  At the end of each four-month funding cycle, Tropical Angels will host an Investor’s Day, where qualified investors can get a first look at the start-up companies and their technologies.

Through the program, Tropical Angels is:

    • Working with the best people and ideas and together globally scaling tech innovation solutions to match the complexity and magnitude of the financial, social and ecological challenges before humanity and the planet;


    • Broadening the definition, applicability and access to venture capital, especially pre-seed and seed capital for entrepreneurs in Brazil and the emerging markets and for any entrepreneurs focused on generating disruptive change globally; and


    • Focused on becoming the leading VC investor ecosystem in Latin America and one of the leading VC ecosystems in the world based on (i) returns on investment, (ii) sustainable social impacts and (iii) sustainable ecological impacts. 


This post was authored by Ryan Thompson.


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