Two Venture Capital Industries

Politicians have been making hay on the "two Americas" line for years, but the concept has recently come to the venture capital blogosphere starting with the post: "There are Two Venture Capital Industries" from Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures. Wilson posits that there is one venture capital industry investing in capital intensive businesses, such as clean tech and life science companies, and another very different venture capital industry investing in software and internet businesses, which has been spurred by the lowering cost of building and launching software-based businesses.  Jeff Bussgang of Flybridge has an interesting take in "Two Venture Capital Industries - But One Lean Start-Up," where he gives a few examples of integrating “lean” start-up techniques into traditionally capital intensive businesses like clean tech and diagnostics, suggesting that the capital intensive start-up could learn a lot from its brethren. This post on Venture Capital was authored by Ryan Sansom.

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