VIDEO: Goodwin's Dave Cappillo Discusses "8 Mistakes Founders Make" at Harvard ...

Goodwin Procter tech partner Dave Cappillo recently led a discussion at Harvard Innovation Lab focused on how to avoid eight missteps that entrepreneurs commonly make in the early stages of a company's life cycle. In the presentation, Dave explains why and how avoiding these eight "great" mistakes can save an entrepreneur time, money and angst when raising money or seeking liquidity.

The key takeaways:

  1. Keep the formation process and the company structure process as simple as possible
  2. Get the allocation of founder equity right at the outset
  3. Protect the start-up's intellectual property

To hear Dave's advice on these three key issues, please click here and view minutes 0:17 to 2:04.

Stay tuned for more highlights from Dave’s presentation.

This post on Start-up Issues was authored by Founders Workbench.

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