Illustration - Build On Your Ideas.

Build On Your Ideas.

We understand building a business can be daunting. Founders Workbench is a resource to help ease the process by providing you with free information and tools.


One of the first steps in creating a successful company is choosing the legal structure that will best suit the needs of the business and its owners.
Adults in major global economies believe they have the skills, knowledge and experience to start a new business. (Source: 2019-2020 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor report). 


From the inception of a start-up company until the point where it becomes a consistently profitable business, all companies have something in common – the need to finance operations and growth.

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You developed the idea. You formed the entity and issued founder equity. You may have even received some outside investments along the way. Now the hard part: running the business and executing on your business objectives.
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Unless your new business is a one-person shop, you will need to hire others to perform services for your business.

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As your business grows and your company matures, it becomes increasingly important to understand how decisions may ultimately impact the value of your company.


Start-ups, particularly those in the technology or life science sectors, rely heavily on the ownership and protection of intellectual property to establish and preserve their value.
Legal Issues Facing Entrepreneurs